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If anybody wants a subdomain of for their own instance let me know/ DM me.

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Are baby mastodon's cute or would this be considered juvenile proboscidean exploitation?

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Pinned toot rules in a nutshell:

🚫 Ads/ spam
🚫 Child Porn (incl. loli & shota)
🚫 alt-right
🚫 Content illegal in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
🚫 stalking/ harassment
🚫 doxxing

Other stuff like NSFW must be tagged.

Pretty liberal me thinks.

When you trust your television
What you get is what you got
'Cause when they own the information
They can bend it all they want.

I love the fact that I can press the power button on my desktop and all it does is turn off my monitors. It doesn't put the computer to sleep or anything.

I seriously can't believe it, that nobody in the past 40 years shot C3PO in the head, then throw him out of the airlock.

That droid should rest in space, floating with other junks from the galaxy.

And if you think that he is funny, then you are just a 5 year old, who stuck in 1979.

#starwars #anoyingdroids

Do YOU have an impending colonoscopy?

Forego the expensive and foul-tasting prep.

Simply chew 50 sticks of Trident Spearmint gum, 15 sticks of Wrigley's Spearmint, and 15 stick of Wrigley's Doublemint gum and forego the prep.

Your gastroenterologist will never know the difference.

On a side note I think I found a suitable alternative to the nasty-ass "prep" drink for a colonoscopy.

I had a super bad craving for a cigarette today. Been 12 some odd years since I quit smoking.

So I chewed a LOT of sticks of gum today. A fuckton amount.

Now I'm paying the price as my large intestines are going bananas.

Oh man am I paying the price!

And it wasn't even sugar-free gum!!!!!!!


@tinker @Purism @Shufei @starbreaker so basically you're asking for a device that only 0.1% of the market cares about. So nobody will buy it, nobody will make it, nobody will use it.
@tinker @Purism @Shufei @starbreaker and with complete control of you device you erode security of:

Full disk encryption*
Secure Password keychain*
App sandboxing
Secure VPN profiles managed by your employer (the PSK or client certs should never be accessible to a human, ever)
Ability to have DRM media services (Netflix, etc)

* unless perhaps you have a Secure Enclave / HSM, but that is usually absent from most devices.

Good writeup from CloudFlare about the Amazon Route 53 BGP hijack yesterday:

I know a lot of you think CloudFlare is the bogeyman, but the harsh reality is they are a security Company first.

The Lundgren case is sad and tragic, and shows a significant lack of understanding by the Courts.

But let's not forget that innocent men and women are sent to prison every day because the Justice System either misinterprets or misrepresents laws.

And juries eat this shit up.

The bottom line is what's happening to Lundgren is no more unique than what happens to every black man that has had evidence planted on him or the subject of police lies or a witness' prejudices.

Seriously. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck the justice system that allowed this.

The man was actually (and hopefully will continue) making a difference as it relates to ewaste, built-in obsolescence, et al.

#Ewaste #FOSS #Lundgren

At the doctor's office. 😢

Nothing going just a routine follow-up.

The FTC's "Do Not Call" List is a joke.

I receive no less than 5-10 SPAM calls on my cell phone every day!

99/100 calls I get on my cell phone are SPAM.

It's to the point where I flat out refuse to use the phone or answer it.

If you want to get ahold of me, send me a fucking email.

SPAM'ers now are spoofing the first six digits of my phone number with random last 4 digits to make you think the call is from someone local.

Today I received 3 SPAM calls from the same company at the same time!

Ordered from Amazon Prime Fresh for the first time yesterday. Groceries delivered at 7AM this morning. That was cool.

An interesting experience to say the least! Took much longer to shop tbh. Shopping online is not as efficient as walking aisles in a store.

Not sure I'll be ordering again to be honest.

I only ordered groceries from InstaCart once. Their $10 delivery fee I found excessive (considering they marked everything up even more from the store prices.)