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I started because one of the moderators on kicked me off because I called Laura Ingraham a cunt. That doesn't make me a misogynist. Laura Ingraham is a cunt. Sorry if the truth hurts.

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If anybody wants a subdomain of for their own instance let me know/ DM me.

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Are baby mastodon's cute or would this be considered juvenile proboscidean exploitation?

Pinned toot rules in a nutshell:

🚫 Ads/ spam
🚫 Child Porn (incl. loli & shota)
🚫 alt-right
🚫 Content illegal in πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ and πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
🚫 stalking/ harassment
🚫 doxxing

Other stuff like NSFW must be tagged.

Pretty liberal me thinks.

You are not CWing your toots and that makes me very very sad.

Hi! Please don't forget to CW your toots that are written with the Latin alphabet. It really helps! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

Also could you please CW of your toots in English, French, German, and Spanish. I'm exposed to the Latin alphabet from the time u wake up in the morning to the moment I go to bed. It gets quite overwhelming! Many thanks! Xoxo

Could you please CW your posts about Kickstarter; your posts with cats; and your posts taking about anything geeky. Thank you! I work in IT I don't want to come home from work having to think about anything remotely technical. It really helps my mood.

Every time I login on to Mastodon I'm quickly reminded why I don't like logging on to Mastodon.

Way to go . WilW was one of the good one's.

FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU PRETENTIOUS CUNTS that treated him like shit or filed a report against him.

If you're looking for an alternative to Google Voice you should really look into . Open Source telephony. SIP+XMPP.

Hi Mastodon. Long time no see. It's been a while. Been hanging around back on Twitter and Facebook a lot lately.

Wallabag: An open source alternative to Pocket

Back in 2014, I wrote about wallabag, an open source alternative to read-it-later applications like Instapaper and Pocket. Go take a look at that article if you want to. Don't worry, I'll wait for you. Done? Great! In the four years since I wrote that article, a lot about wallabag has changed. It's time to take a peek to see how wallabag has matured.

I think Mitch McConnell should experience a School Shooting for himself first-hand, don't you? To gain a "perspective".
RT @[email protected] BREAKING: Mitch McConnell says that there isn't much that the Federal Government can to to help reduce School Shootings.

Here's a list:
- Strict background checks
- Ban Bump Stocks and assault-style rifles
- Increase age limit to purchase all guns/ammo
- VOTE OUT McConnell!


At the hospital with a friend who's having a procedure done. They wanted us here at 5, we could have gotten here at 6. I could have slept and extra hour!

This Twitter Windows client makes me want to claw out my eyes it's so bad. At this point I hope somebody just buys Twitter and shuts it down to save us from the next stupid fucking idea they come up with. Where's Tony Stark when you need him?

AirPods for $20 for the next 12 hours. Good deal! Found on Facebook.
Liberate Your Bluetooth Listening For a Fraction of The Cost

These AirPod alternatives free up your daily listening for a fraction of the cost.

When your favorite app suddenly starts crashing like mad sometimes they only solution is to reboot your computer.

Been spending a lot of time on Facebook this past week or so for no other reason than to connect with people who share my hobbies. I don't find that on Mastodon unfortunately. πŸ˜•

Microsoft, under fire for ICE deal, says it's 'dismayed' by family separations at border

Microsoft came under fire on social media for post saying it was "proud" of work by ICE, in conjunction with deal to use its software