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The GMEβ„’πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š @gme

If you want a social network for LGBTQIA that's fine. Go buil;d one. But don't call yourself a "fediverse" and talk about "federating" and "instances" and communities and interoperability and all that and get your panties all in a bunch when those that AREN'T LGBTQIA participate. Over a dozen people on the "fediverse" banded together and lied in a blatant attempt to stifle the speech of one of my users for the simple reason that they didn't agree with the speech. The response was hateful & vile.

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@gme one of the good things of fediverse is that there's lots of servers so every admin can decide what to do with his/her instance. And if you don't like it, it's OK, there's more servers and you can create your own.

About LGBTIQA: I'm cis and straight and I'm very well accepted in the community. I have no idea of what happened but you not being trans or LGBTIQA is probably not the issue but how you interact with people who are. Again, I have no idea what happened, I'm just talking.

@moshtodon it wasn't me, it was one of my users. one of my users said something that someone took offense. rather than blocking my users the offended party gathered up a posse to mass report and brigade my user and gang up on them. i read the thread. i've reviewed the profile. the outright lies and the vapid mob attacks was wholesale uncalled for. i will not stand by and let any mob rule or try to intimidate me into taking action.

@gme Oh sorry! Then I misunderstood your post, I read it very late haha

@moshtodon and make NO mistake - if my user deserved to be suspended I WOULD HAVE DONE SO IN A HEARTBEAT. but mob justice is NO JUSTICE and if we let the mob rule then we've turned this social network into some horrific dystopia.

@moshtodon and for the icing on the cake? my user was accused of being "transphobic" and his own fucking partner IS TRANS! how about them apples.