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If you're concerned about and vendor lockin and and and you're using you're doing it wrong.

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@ahmd_amsyr Are you kididng me? OMG! What do you think people used BEFORE Medium? Holy cow.



And others.

@gme @ahmd_amsyr Tumblr...? Tumblr is owned by Verizon, centralized, proprietary, data mining service.

Also is yet another centralized and proprietary solution...

If you are going to argue against a service for #privacy, #security and #opensource reasons, at least do some research (in this case like 2 minutes of it) before providing a list of alternatives ๐Ÿ™ƒ

@gme @ahmd_amsyr Was I suppose to? I just wanted to point out that SOME of your suggestions are not like the others and may be very misleading... However if you insist:

There is a lot more, but those would be most notable solutions for self hosted blogging (and mostly supported by Github or Gitlab pages which are free, all you need is domain)

@gutigen @ahmd_amsyr I fucking listed WordPress FIRST for fucks sake. But not everyone has the skills to self-host a blog. I'm sure the fediverse will appreciate your suggestions. Have a nice day.

@ahmd_amsyr @gme Many, many, many out there. Some are self-hosted, which would be ideal, but does require some knowhow and patience

At present, those who write about opensource and security are at least going to be technically inclined. So the only excuse they have for still using Medium is exposure

I can understand wanting to reach a wider audience, but from a vendor lockin standpoint, the difference in priorities can't be reconciled by staying with Medium

@gme Sort of. But if you are a priest and want to save people, should you be in church or in the gutter?
@gme He was! He hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors! That's one of the reasons the pharisees hated him.

@notclacke I know!

I've read the Bible.

That's how I became an atheist.

@gme Sorry, read your post backwards! I read "according to you, Jesus should ...", :-)

@gme Doesn't that apply equally to just about any use of #Medium?

@nocleverhandle Yes. The point being if you're into F/LOSS you're being somewhat hypocritical to be using Medium.