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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $141 billionβ€”here's how he became the world's richest man

Bezos is worth more than Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.

What Every Engineer Should Know About Open Source Software Licenses and IP | Uber Engineering Blog

Uber's attorneys explain the intricacies of different types of open source software licenses and intellectual property.

10 Key Interview Questions for Network Administrators

Getting ready for your first network admin interview? Here are technical questions to expect, along with the answers.

Senate votes to reinstate ZTE ban that’s nearly shut down the company

But it still has to survive a conference with the House

This Video Made From Real Mars Data Will Make You Feel Like You're Flying Over the Red Planet

There are lots of incredible things you can do with data. Like make this incredible animation of the Martian surface, for example.

World's oldest Sumatran orangutan dies

Puan left an "incredible legacy" of descendants for the critically endangered species, keepers say.

Pass gets a fail: Simple Password Store suffers GnuPG spoofing bug

Brinkmann files third signature spoof vulnerability in a month

Dogs versus cats: Scientists reveal which one is smarter

A dog's bark is only a ruff means of communication. Instead, we should be looking at its wiggles and squirms.

What it’s like to watch an IBM AI successfully debate humans

Project Debater will argue with you β€” and make jokes

Elon Musk sends company email about 'extensive and damaging sabotage' by employee

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an e-mail to all employees late on Sunday night alleging a saboteur within the company's ranks had tweaked code on internal products and sent company data out without authorization.

The new JPEG XL format could free up gigabytes of room on your phone, but it's not the only contender

But there's a war brewing, and JPEG XL isn't alone. Apple and Google have their own ideas.

Apparently there's no way to upgrade one's service online with @[email protected] in 2018.


Wait, Ramadan was over last-week. I'm guessing Trump DIDN'T have that Iftar that he said he was going to have. I don't remember reading about it in the news, did you?

Nothing makes me uninstall an app faster than when it gets updated and then suddenly starts spamming my notifications in Android. I'm looking at you, Flipboard. Buh-bye!

Pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077. Can't wait to play this game! It looks freakin' AWESOME!