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We often have zero control over what happens to us in life.

We do -- however -- have 100% of the control in choosing how we respond.

Life is too short to choose to become offended.

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- I am @mjc , one of the admins here at By day I'm an IT/ Infosec Consultant. By night I make 3d art ( - shameless plug) and write romance and erotic fiction that you may have bought on Amazon. I live in with my husband and our dogs. I'm here to help. So if you need anything or are running into problems, please let me know! I also run

On the Internet, nobody knows I'm a machine.

Happy Monday campers! Hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and social distancing themselves.

Yesterday I talked about how bad it is to publish your content only on Facebook, and I described some of the pros for hosting your own content. Today I've published an article that walks you through just how easy (and cheap) it is to purchase your own internet domain name.

Aurgasm! An hour of BBC 1 colour Ident Card background music from the 1960s. It's groovy, baby!

Wait. Ben Browder was in GoTGv2?

I am very disturbed by this.

Who did he play?

I really don't understand why robocopy is so much faster than Windows Explorer.

My husband just brought me a cup of coffee. πŸ₯°

I have the best husband ever! πŸ’˜

I've been a long-time user but frankly I've become increasinly concerned over Oracle's behavior and stewardship over the project. So when a colleague suggested I look into Microsoft's Hyper-V on Windows 10 Professional I was skeptical. And boy am I glad to have been proven wrong! This puppy is SLICK. And *fast* too! Installing LinuxMint 19.3 has gone much more smoother than I anticipated.

If you are looking for a desktop client to use with ( or ( I highly recommend Whalebird. It's one of the most feature-packed and stable clients I've seen.

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