I love it when people post screenshots of their renders in-progress or of their workflows.

I love seeing other people's setup and how they have customized!

Oofah. Looks like 4.12 was released today. No turning back now!

I really enjoy Hamelon's characters and poses. Didn't take much convincing to add this to the 'ol shopping-cart! renderosity.com/mod/bcs/hello-

This is my Safe-For-Work account dedicated to my 3D-related art, hobbies, and interests. My account is @mjc3d. My normal safe-for-work account is @mjc and my *very* NSFW account is @mjc. ;-) I've recently deleted Facebook so am pretty much setting everything back up. I use , , , and . I'll try to keep this account limited to things of interest to other into , , or .

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