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The Toot Zone

The Toot Zone Mastodon hosted on toot.zone

Welcome home.

This is a SAFE SPACE for deviants, outcasts, the marginalized, and the weak. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

Welcome to The Toot Zone. A Mastodon instance hosted in Canada. Everyone is welcome, and our instance's motto is "Don't be a dick." If you're cool with that we really don't care who you are and what your politics or beliefs are you're welcome to join us. Respect us, and we'll respect you. Be kind to us, and we'll be kind to you. Be a dick and things will get "complicated."

The Toot Zone is not a free-speech zone. There are limits to your speech both on our instance, and within the Fediverse. Certain speech will not be tolerated. See the rules for more information. Suffice it to say though that unless your speech is illegal, immoral, insane, or targets a specific individual, then you'll probably be fine. Shitposting will not be tolerated.

Hosting for toot.zone is provided by OVH Canada. This server is physically located in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada. Media storage and attachments are provided by Amazon S3. CDN and network protection services provided by CloudFlare.

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